Apple To Set Up New Design Concept For It’s In Built Wireless Chips

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Smartphone gaints, Apple has commenced development for it’s in-house wireless chips.

Flipmemes Gathered that the company is working to design more chip components in-house, and also establishing a new office with the goal of replacing components currently sourced from Broadcom and Skyworks.

The report says, the new office is still in the planning stages, but it will eventually focus on “wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits, and a wireless system-on-a-chip,” as well as “semiconductors for connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.”

Whereas the A-series and M-series SoCs, which contain the CPU and GPU for Apple’s iPhones and Macs, receive the most attention, there is a slew of other chips inside those devices that handle power management, USB connectivity, wireless charging, and more.

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