WhatsApp Tricks That Will Take Your Messaging To The Next Level

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Over two billion people worldwide use WhatsApp as a platform for interaction.

After the coronavirus’ pandemic emerged, the use of the social media platform increased ernoumously.

Despite billions people using the messaging app, several users are still unaware that WhatsApp has a few tricks up its sleeves that come in handy while texting.

Here are some Quick shortcuts that could help you navigate through the platform easily:

Bold text:

To emphasise or highlight something, people can make their text bold. It can also make a message stand out, which can be handy in group chats.So, how do you make your text bold? Well, it’s pretty simple — the asterisk sign goes between your text. *text goes here*After this, your text will appear bold.

Italicise text

In a similar manner, you can also italicise your text — only the symbols will change.

You will add an underscore before and after the text — _text goes here_ — and then it will be italicised.

Strikethrough textStriking through a message will help editors, writers, or any other person who wants to share text with their peers to signify that something is wrong, or should be ignored.

You need to add a tilde before and after the text — ~text goes here~ — and your text will be struck through.

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