Crypto Investors Raises Alarm as Popular NFT Sells For $3000 instead of $300,000

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Several crypto investors has raised alarm as a non-fungible token (NFT) has been accidentally sold for a little more than $3,000 (£2,270) – one-hundredth of its market price.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club had a limited run of 10,000 pieces of digital art, each with minor variations.

But the owner of Bored Ape number 3,547 made a “fat fingered” typing error when listing the item for sale online.

The NFT was instantly snapped up by an automated account – and put back on sale at nearly $250,000.

The seller, maxnaut, told CNet he had meant to list Bored Ape number 3,547 for sale at 75 ethereum (ETH), the crypto-currency used for many NFT trades.But a “lapse of concentration” – during one of the many trades he lists online every day – had caused him to instead type in “0.75 ETH” ($2,989).

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