SpaceX Reportedly Offers Woman $150,000 For A Waterfront Home Next To Its Launch Facility

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According to recent reports which surfaced online, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Reportedly offered $150,000 for a waterfront home next to its launch facilities, but the home owner says that’s one-third of the price of similar properties.

The house owner had rejected Tesla’s offer, saying that the price was one-third of the price of similar waterfront houses in the village.

A resident of a South Texas village told reporters that SpaceX wanted to buy her house for $150,000 but that the company’s offer was one-third of the price of similar properties nearby.

SpaceX is building its Starbase city in Boca Chica, where the company has launched its Falcon 9 rockets and Starship prototypes.

Some residents have said SpaceX made offers for their homes that they considered unfair or were too low to buy similar homes elsewhere.

SpaceX had also bought at least 112 parcels of land in the area.

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