Play-to-Earn Gaming NFT Token, Everest Coin Poses To Be The Next Bitcoin As It Leads Top Earning Crypto Projects Globally

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A new revolutionary token named EVEREST COIN is set to take the concept of NFT’s to a whole different level following it’s launch on the Binance Smart-Chain network earlier in September.

$EVCOIN token was created to support a Gamefi project that would be built on the blockchain.

“The core concept behind Everest Coin is a revolutionary Game built around Mount Everest where players are faced with varying levels of difficulties in an attempt to surmount the mountain. This is going to be a dominant gaming platform where users can also interact. As holders play the game and advance, they will earn NFTS. We currently have three NFTs based on the story of Mount Everest.”, a statement on Everest coin website read.

The concept of earning (rather winning) NFTs is a lot similar to mobile games where players stand to win real money.

However, one notable difference is that $EVCOIN, is in cryptocurrency form.

Here is some other information:

SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 (One Trillion) Everest tokens on BSC.

BURN: 1% of all tokens purchased are burnt at the time of the purchase, which reduces the total circulating tokens.

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N/B: Investing in crypto is risky due to extreme volatility and investors can lose all their money. So, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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