Uber Faces $9M Lawsuit For Failing To Comply In Sex-Assualt Case

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Popular car riding service, Uber has been instructed to pay $9m (£6.8m) in order to settle a complaint over its sexual-assault and harassment reporting in California.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) urged Uber to hand over information about assault and harassments – but it did not do so.

At the time, Uber had argued it would be a “shocking violation of privacy” for victims.

The payment which was initially $59m was reduced to $9M after much consideration.

Uber had also insisted that disclosing such records asked by the CUPC publicly could be traumatic for those who had been assaulted and might discourage reports in the future.

But the CPUC said it only needed the information “under seal” – meaning the details of each individual case would be kept secret.

It suggested Uber’s response was an “effort to frustrate commission oversight”.In December 2020, a year on, CPUC initially fined Uber $59m (£44.5m) for refusing to comply.

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