The Necessity Of A Functional Emotional Support System During Challenging Times

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We know how crazy the world is, and how much we sometimes want to leave everything and get away. Having an emotional support system might be the escape we need from the overwhelming feeling that comes with life’s business.

Emotional support means getting or giving sympathy, empathy or compassion. This might be through encouraging others through our words, or just being there for them in times when they are going through a painful experience that they cannot seem to bear alone.

People can draw emotional support through different sources. It can come from their friends, family, religious community and sometimes a community which is closely knitted together to lend support to an ailing member. In traditional settings, when a woman in a village looses her husband, the community comes together to raise funds to take care of the kids so they will not feel the loss of their father.

Now, seeing that we know what an emotional support is, how vital is a good emotional support is in life?

1. It Eases Stress And Anxiety:
Having someone who supports you when you are in dire need eases stress. You know that no matter how bad life is, that this person will always be there for you. Having that one person as your go-to support system can help you deal effectively with stress and anxiety.

2. Emotional Valve:
An emotional support serves as a valve for you to let everything bothering you off your chest. That moment when you have a whole lot of thoughts, and that person who is your emotional support is there to listen to you talk about everything that burdens you. Sometimes you realise that all you need is just someone to listen to you. You get to know that even though the person that you are talking to may not give you answers to what you are saying. Having a listening ear, might just be all the answers we need.

3. For Validation:
The world is filled with so much criticism and the quest to level up to its standards become every individual’s fight. When society says, “you are ugly, you are not worth anything or you are too disabled to fit into a particular situation”. One needs that person or persons who will validate his or her presence and essence.
Apart from the fact that, you need to validate yourself first before others validate you. Having that person there that believes in you, night be all you need to break free from society’s stereotypical way of life.

4. Good Counsel:
There are very few people who want our good in life. In fact, truth is people are too busy to care. Everyone is just focused on making sure that they have the best from life.
Having a good emotional support means that you have someone who has the time to give you good advise and counsel when you need it. People loose their way and sometimes fall into the wrong crowd because the lacked good advise. No one was there to offer them one when they needed it. Good advise is one reason why we need emotional support.

5. For Affection:
Medical experts advice that people hug each other and receive one physical touch or the other, that it helps enhance life span. This is why some persons get pets. The touch from their pets, they affection is comforting and ideal for a good living.
Having someone to welcome you with a hug when you are back from a stressful day or so helps remind us that no matter how life is, that there is still some good. Why? Because we are loved, because someone cares about us. Because we can always depend on this person.

6. Emotional support lengthens life span:
The reason some folks pick suicide as an option is probably because there is no compassionate person around them. Their world has been bereft of empathy for so long and they ask themselves what is there to live for?

The world is very stressful which makes it difficult for someone who is a loner. A loner can fall prey to depression and heart ache. However a person who is in company of people who love them, is less likely to succumb to life and society’s whim.
Compassion, encouragement, physical affection, a listening ear. All these go a long way in lengthening one’s life span.

Perhaps you do not have an emotional support system. It is necessary that you seek to be one today. By giving, you create an opportunity to be given. Show sympathy and sympathy will come to you. Encourage someone around you and watch your world become more beautiful and good to live in.

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