Tesla Launches Electric Cyberquad For Young Teenagers, See Full Cost

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Elon Musk owned company, Tesla has announced the release of its first ever Electric Cyberquad For Young Teenagers.

As per reports, the $1,900 four-wheel ATV for kids has been quietly launched by Tesla.

The Cyberquad for Kids is now available for pre-order on Tesla’s website, with delivery expected in two to four weeks.

Tesla shocked many after it made that announcement, as the Cyberquad comes with a full-size ATV to complement its earlier released futuristic Cybertruck.

The Cyberquad comes with a steel frame, cushioned seat, and adjustable suspension with rear disc braking.

To complete the cyberpunk look, there are even LED light bars.

This all-electric ATV has a top speed of 10 mph and a range of up to 15 miles thanks to the battery.

There are three-speed options: 5 mph, 10 mph, and reverse 5 mph.

According to Tesla, charging the Cyberquad could take up to 5 hours, and battery range is affected by the user’s weight, riding terrain, and speed setting.

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