Everton 1-4 Liverpool: Toffee Fans In Mutinous Mood Over Clubs Dismal Track Record

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Other clubs look admiringly in the direction of Goodison Park’s boardroom when models of how to run their operations are necessary, Everton chairman Bill Kenwright boasted lavishly earlier this year.

“When we have a difficulty, we say ‘what would the Everton board do?’ because they always get it right,” Kenwright said two or three days ago.

On recent evidence, “always” is a stretch, and it is to be hoped that this club did not look wistfully at Everton’s board – if only for their own peace of mind – because they have gotten precious little right in a long time.

When Liverpool raced into an early 2-0 lead, Everton supporters at the heart of their fanbase, the Gwladys Street End, unfurled a big banner criticizing the board. It was a play on the club’s motto “”We Demand Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” and “Nothing But The Best Is Good Enough.” It’s past time for our club to follow suit “.

Source: BBC Sport

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