3 Reasons Why You Need Some Time Off To Spoil Yourself After Working So Hard

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Year in year out always seem busy, you’re busy smashing work and other goals, Chasing projects here and there, yet, nothing tangible to show for your hard work, it’s either same shoe, same set of clothes, that old Peugeot, probably, detoloriating state of health. why? Aren’t you forgetting something? Body No be firewood, lol., After working this hard, you also need to give yourself a much needed treat in order to function better, improve productivity, relief some stress and boost your mood.

Well, it happens, some persons do not know how to take a break from work, take a long vacation and get themselves spoiled. However, there are people that see rest, buying things that would make their lives comfortable as waste of time and money, Because of this, one would ask, is spoiling yourself a luxury or necessity? Yes of course is a necessity. However, some persons would like to differ. This is why we can only answer the question with prove, you can call it substantial evidence. Below are a few reasons why it is necessary to spoil yourself ….

1. Life Is Too Short:
As funny as this may sound, it is the truth. I mean why would you work yourself out in hopes that with time, you will have a break to enjoy them. The truth is, you are only assured of today, not tomorrow, and definitely not 20 years from now. As much as you want to return good and early, it is not advisable to put off your leisure and enjoyment till when you have all the millions on earth.

In this case, spoiling yourself can mean taking a break from work. How would you feel if after spending all your time grinding, you discover you cannot enjoy your wealth because you had risked your health why trying to protect your future. That would be quite saddening.

Life is short, as much as you want to work, take a break when necessary. Go on a vacation so much as you can afford it. Let the work wait while you take care of yourself. This is an absolute necessity.

2. It Makes Living Life Much Easier:
Let me say it again, some persons have good jobs but do not have an easy life. A person can afford buying a washing machine, but prefers using their hand because they see it as waste of money. Some even go as far as not eating good food all because they want to save as much money as they can.
When you see them, they look worn out from excess work because they do not want to outsource their work not because they cannot afford to outsource this work, but because they feel it will take their money.

However, this is not so. In order not to wear oneself out, it is good to do things to make your life easy. Spoil yourself by getting that dishwasher or machine that will make your life easier.

3. For Growth:
This is one of the most important reasons for taking time out to Spoil yourself, to be able to focus on the bigger and more challenging aspect of your job or building your business and most importantly, take care of yourself. You may never know how much you need to grow if you do not spoil yourself. Take trips to new places, stores, cinemas and cafes you’ve always had in mind to, make friends with new strangers, you’ll be amazed at how this will change your life.

Environment changes our mindset and perspective. Taking yourself out once in a while gives room for growth, it opens your mind to new horizons as you find that there is a big life out of the confines of your room.

Now, this is in no way encouraging frivolous spending, rather it shows a calculative investment into one’s future through the actions of the present.

So you see, as much as you say you do not have the luxury of spoiling yourself, you will find that it is necessary. If you want to have wholeness, that is, success in its entirety.

If you have been hesitating about spoiling yourself, please do not feel bad, take a step and do what is necessary. Who knows, this might just give you the leap you want in life.

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