How Important Is Courtesy In A Relationship?

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First, what is courtesy? It is a polite gesture that shows respect to other people. It means treating others with kindness, empathy and civility. Courtesy is what makes a person stand out from others in a society like ours where there is so much selfishness. A courteous person can easily be pointed out by his actions and words. In simple terms, being courteous can be termed being considerate about others.

Now is it necessary to be courteous in a romantic relationship? Absolutely. When it comes to relations with lovers, some people often allow familiarity to ruin a once loving relationship. Feelings are no longer considered, ideals and values are no longer respected. And the “do you” syndrome leads to selfishness.

However, in order to sustain a relationship there is need to be close but not over familiar, to be open with each other but not to take each other for granted. Knowing when and how to draw the line makes for a good relationship. Now why is it important to be courteous to your lover in a relationship?

1.It Gives Assurance that you Are truly Loved:
When two people in love know that they are supposed to give to each other. They do not need to be told or reminded about their roles or duties to each other.
We show that we are courteous if we give. For couples who live together, being courteous can mean, washing your plates when you finish eating, helping to buy groceries, cleaning the house. This little acts though they do not look like much are like the link that binds two hearts together. Someone knows you care about them by your gestures and kind acts.

2.It Fosters Trust:
In a relationship, we are open to our partners, we get to tell them all our secrets and inevitably, they know our weaknesses. Being courteous means that regardless of your knowledge about your partners weaknesses or shortcomings, you do not throw it on their face.
People who are not courteous do not mind if what they do hurt others, they go along with the “what does it matter” attitude. Saying and repeating their partners past, and although it may sound funny and may not look like anything, your partner may not trust you with their secrets anymore if you display this kind of behaviour.
Being courteous means, you are thoughtful and aware of the fact that your partners past could be something that he does not like to talk about, and as such you do not bring it up as a joke or as a lesson to ponder on.

3.It Shows Respect:
The ability to know everything about each other while still having a high esteem for each other is you being courteous. The ability to have a high opinion of your partner is very important. Regardless of the things you know about your partner, whether they snore, or you think they have a mole on their stomach, or they do not clean the soap sods in the bathroom after bathing, you have to show them respect.
Some persons because of the knowledge they have been privileged to obtain as a result of loving a person, they take it for granted. Over familiarity becomes the wedge that will certainly drift them apart. If the society thinks that their partner is the next best thing after breakfast, they will wince and give a retort to that.

They are not courteous towards their partner, they do not respect each other. Often, other people get to see this, and will not respect their partner too. And this will not tell well on the relationship.

Courtesy does not mean you have to be formal with your partner and have a boss employee kind of relationship. No! Being courteous is being human, showing and reciprocating love, being kind and empathic. And in no way, will this acts be seen as little by the person receiving it.

When the world thinks that two people can not stay together forever, your little courtesies will make the difference and change that narrative. And if you have not been one to be polite in your doings, there is always room for a change. Start today.

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