Livingston Manager Attacks Rangers Fans For Halting Play With Snow Barrage

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Rangers fans who pelted Livingston goalkeeper Max Stryjek with snowballs for ten minutes on Sunday have been chastised by Livingston manager David Martindale.

Martindale, whose team fell 3-1 to the champions, stepped onto the pitch with his players to appeal with the visiting fans to stop throwing snow onto the artificial pitch, which had accumulated in front of the advertising boards.

At the time Rangers were 2-1 up, and there was a 10-minute delay while the pitch was cleared. Afterwards Martindale said: “We shouldn’t be standing here talking about the doughballs with the snowballs. I just don’t understand it. You could maybe see it if your team is getting beat and there’s a bit of frustration there, but when your team is winning 2-1, to hold up the second half, I don’t understand that at all.”

He added: “It’s on national telly and people are watching that, so come on, screw the nut a wee bit. I know the majority of Rangers fans were not throwing snowballs but it doesn’t look good for anyone.”

source : Guardian sport

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