Apple Suspends Sale In Turkey Due To Economic Crisis, Would Nigeria Follow Suit?

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Popular tech gaint across the globe, Apple, has reportedly suspended its sale in Turkey temporarily.

According to sources, turkey is currently suffering from an economic crisis and the region’s currency is witnessing a huge drop, same with our country Nigeria.

Although many users worry if Apple’s recent move in Turkey might be extended to other countries, it isn’t ascertained yet as at the time of filing this report.

The Turkish currency, is reportedly witnessing a drop of 15 percent at the beginning of this week.

The drop in the value of the currency has impacted the economic crisis of the country.

Also Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan defended the rate cuts and that’s the reason behind the crisis.

Currently, the Apple stores based out of Turkey are still working, but users are not permitted to add Apple devices to their cart on the e-commerce website.

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