Another Tight Draw As Carlsen And Nepomniachtchi Battle For World Title

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In the third game of their world championship showdown in Dubai, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi drew for the third time in a row, as the Russian challenger survived another uncommon position before negotiating a bloodless conclusion after 41 moves in 2hr 42min.

Nepomniachtchi, playing as white, started with 1 e4, and the game immediately moved on to the same anti-Marshall branch of the Ruy Lopez opening as the first game on Friday. Carlsen strayed from familiar territory with the unusual 10… Re8, skipping four more popular options from the position for the third time in as many games.

“Re8 is a really, really dumb move because usually you would try to go Re8 without d6,” Carlsen said afterwards. “But it turns out even here he was well prepared and he didn’t give me even slight chances to play.”

With 18 d4, Nepomniachtchi made a thematic central pawn break, increasing the tension. Carlsen pondered the position for a minute and a half before opting for 20… Be6 after a quick exchange of pawns, then knights (18… exd4 19 Nxd4 Nxd4 20. Qxd4). After that, Nepomniachtchi needed nearly half an hour to decide on a minor pawn push (21 h3)

source : Guardian sport

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