3 Reasons Why You Need To Look Beyond Appearance In A Relationship

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There’s definitely more than meets the eye here. Hence, the popular saying “do not judge a book by its cover. Do we blame the eyes for chasing what it finds appealing? many people jump into relationships all because whoever they are involved with is pleasing to the eyes, but when they are in, they find that there is more than meets the eye.

As humans, we tend to be attracted to what is catchy. However, when it comes to living the good life, it is important to look deep within, beneath the surface whether in business or relationships.

Now why is it important that we should look beyond the beauty, beyond the glamorous outlook of a person when it comes to choosing a partner?

1. Beauty Fades:
Choosing a partner on the basis of looks alone is a very faulty foundation by which to start a relationship. This is because, beauty can fade. When challenges of life hits a person probably the person does not have the good food to eat anymore or the money to keep up with the sweet baby girl/baby boy lifestyle, the good creams and clothes that attracted you at first, the once beautiful face can become filled with wrinkles. Looks should be added advantage but not a priority here.

What happens then? Are you going to jump ship? If you do, you will end up with multiple partners and will never be satisfied in life. Because beauty does not last forever. How about those who intend to get married to their present partner? Be sure to know that old age will come. And except you see beyond the surface beauty, many feel disgusted at the sight of their spouses later as old age is a respecter of no one, trust me,you do not want to do that.

2. For Compatibility:
people who intend to get into a relationship ought to know that a relationship is not just all about the mind blowing sex and the candlelit dinners. There are questions that should be asked amidst the perfect looking person you are seeing.

Questions like;-
Is this person compatible with me in terms of values, goals and beliefs?
Do we share the same ideals? Does our medical condition allow our staying together?
This pivotal questions help to make necessary decisions that will prevent heart breaks. The reason a lot of persons who look so beautiful together part ways is because they did not sit back to ask the necessary questions before going into a relationship.

3. Looks Can Be Deceptive:
It is true that people use their looks to cloak their bad characters or to supplement their flaws. Have you seen a couple get married and one day you hear one say, “I did not know you were like this, if I did then I would not have considered you”. You do not want to get involved with a person whose character is one you cannot live with.

Some persons will say it does not matter, but it does. If a man you like, is handsome and has desirable six packs and yet he is a woman beater, you do not want to be involved with that man because you will be his next available specimen. No matter what he says, beauty cannot take the place of character. Neither do you, as s man want to get involved with a woman and discover that she will nag your head off before you even get to say jack.

If one is not ready to correct their flaws or see no need to, believing that their beauty is enough, if you are a person who is looking for more, you do not want that. After all, the most important thing you want is peace of mind.

The reason some people go ahead to settle with good looking partners with terrible attributes is because they love admiration. They care more about the compliments of people on how good looking their partner is and how lucky they must be. But all this leads to a dead end. You want peace of mind, your partner should align with that goal, amidst the talks of society. They should not be the one to determine what you need for you.

Now it is possible to have the looks and more. However, do not let the looks take the place of the more critical attributes. Look and then look again. It will save you from a lot of stress.

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