Michael Carrick Sets Consistency As Gold Standard For Manchester United

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Old Trafford’s landscape includes a statue of Manchester United’s Holy Trinity. The specter of an unholy trilogy looms wider for a club increasingly burdened by harsh analogies to their past, while constantly generating more. Forget about Best, Law, and Charlton; this autumn has the potential to be one of their worst.

The third encounter with title contenders, their ostensible peers, will take place on Sunday, and the first two were humiliating defeats. United travel to Stamford Bridge behind Chelsea by 12 points and having conceded more than five times as many goals. Liverpool had five, Manchester City had two, but neither bothered to add to their tally in the closing 40 minutes, as though they were declaring victory over defeated opponents. A chasm has opened, as Michael Carrick admitted. United are found on the wrong side of the divide between the elite and the rest.

“There’s no denying where the league is and so I’ve got to be realistic,” said the caretaker manager. “It’s pretty obvious from the run of games. Where we are and the results we’ve had, it’s frustrating and disappointing.”

source : Guardian sport

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