Mary Earps: England Manager Lauds Goalkeeper’s Contribution To Austria’s Victory

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Goalkeeper Mary Earps “made the difference” in England’s 1-0 triumph over Austria at the Stadium of Light, according to manager Sarina Wiegman.

Early in the second half, Earps, who has started every game under Wiegman, produced two crucial saves.

It was the first time she had been put to the test in World Cup qualification, and England had not conceded a goal since Wiegman took over in September.

“Those two saves were difference-makers,” said Wiegman.

“It was 1-0 and she keeps the score at 1-0. That’s so important. They were hard moments because she didn’t have to do very much before – almost nothing – and it was really cold so she has to be concentrated.

“In the moment when there are these shots she has to be concentrated and explosive in this action. She can make the difference and she did.”

Source: BBC Sport

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