Ashes: New Test Captain Pat Might Be Australia’s Best Player, And For The Job

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As far as huge reveals go, this was like learning that Christmas will be held on December 25 this year. After a week of speculation, Australia’s next Test captain, Patrick Cummins, was named.

It came after two years as vice-captain, more than two years of conjecture that he should one day be captain, and a decision by Cricket Australia last season to have him skipper New South Wales in order for him to get senior experience.

Given the blindside of Tim Paine’s contrite resignation under what can only be described as less-than-ideal circumstances, Cummins being next in line has been on the cards for some time, even if no one expected him to take over right now.

It’s a novel concept to have a captain who takes the fresh ball. It’s unheard of in Australia, where almost everything in cricket is done the same way, and captaincy is no exception.

The job has been thought to belong by divine right to the side’s greatest specialized hitter since leg-spinning all-rounder Richie Benaud eventually buttoned up his shirt and left in 1964. They appear to know how to lead teams if they know how to score runs.

Source: BBC Sport

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