Magnus Carlsen Embraces Chaos In Gripping Draw With Ian Nepomniachtchi

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In an exciting second game of the world chess championships in Dubai, Magnus Carlsen gambled with danger before recovering to secure a 58-move draw. His 14-game series with Ian Nepomniachtchi is now tied at 1-1 heading into Sunday’s third match.

It was a back-and-forth battle, with Carlsen stunning his opponent early on before squandering a move that put him in a bad position. His Russian opponent, on the other hand, was unable to spot his wave in the thicket of possibilities, and the game concluded with a handshake and a lengthy post-mortem as the players sought to figure out what went wrong.“The game was crazy, I had no idea what was going on,” said Nepomniachtchi. “During the game I thought: ‘We both are playing not so well’. But now I start thinking it was just very interesting and very chaotic.”

Carlsen, the world champion since 2013, signaled his determination to fight by playing the uncommon move Ne5 on move eight. It cost him a pawn, but it also put him on unfamiliar territory in a precarious position. He was quickly behind schedule, which was understandable. Not only was he playing the Norwegian, but he was also practicing on his computer.

source : Guardian sport

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