Kyle Walker Of Man City Says Pep Guardiola Has Helped Him Is Improve His Football knowledge

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker claims that playing under Pep Guardiola has improved his understanding of the game.

Since Guardiola recruited him from Tottenham in 2017, the 31-year-old has been a first-team regular under the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5, Walker praised his manager’s influence on his career. “He is the one who has made me understand football so much better,” he said.

He continued, ” “Do I believe I could have been a back three player five years ago? Certainly not. My comprehension of the game, my knowledge of the game – where the press will come from, learning to move into the midfield, balance it off people, and come in to receive the ball at the ideal angle – all of these things have helped me improve my grasp of the game. There are so many small details that go unnoticed.”

Walker discussed a variety of topics in a wide-ranging interview on the Friday Football Social, including his teammates, the differences between Guardiola and England manager Gareth Southgate, and how long he plans to continue playing football.

Source: BBC Sport

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