Take A Break, The World Can Wait!

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It is necessary that one lives with the consciousness that so long as he belongs to the universe, he has work to do. If a man stays idle, considering the way the world is fashioned, it will not favour such a person. In essence there is a consequence for being indolent.

We see in our society that people have to work for different reasons; some to keep soul and body together, others to secure the best future they possibly can. Honest work is very noble. However, there is a need to draw the line before work takes a toll on the physical body. Some persons work till exhaustion which is not really good if one needs to be productive.

I know you want to achieve that goal in the shortest possible time, you want to meet the company’s target. But have you ever wondered about the fact that there is just so much your body can take? A whole lot of persons set goals to achieve great feats but do not set a goal to take enough rest as necessary. Some perceive it to be inconsequential which is very wrong.

You are perhaps seen as a hard worker. The whole organization knows, but dear do not wear yourself out trying to outwit others or to get something profitable. There is need to kill the engine. Learn to take necessary breaks and rest.

Just like a machine which when used for a long period of time, without proper maintenance has a wear and tear and eventually breaks down; that is the same way the human body is, there is so much it can take. If pressured too much, it breaks down in the form of sickness, in worse cases death.

Thank God, unlike the machines, we do have a choice to rest. The design of the world aids that. The day for work, and the night for rest. Although for some may say twenty four hours is not usually enough. But one wonders, if in fact the hours are not enough time to rest, what then can a person do? Nothing in fact. The least one can do to this effect is to categorize their activities. Ensuring rest is given due attention.

Someone rightly said, “rest is a weapon” and indeed it is true. The power that rest synthesizes for both the body and mind is enormous. From being more productive to renewing your body and making you live long. It has been observed that if you have worked on a project for a long time and you seem to have a block at some point or you are not making headway, you should take a break from it and then come back. With fresh eyes and mind you will discover you will be able to surmount that blockade.

Now, rest is not a waste of time. In fact, it is a productive activity. Do not make the mistake of considering rest a waste of time. At the same time it does note equal indulgence. While resting, you are satisfying the wishes of your body at the same time you are allowing your mind to renew itself.

The same way you need exercise to keep fit, is the same way you need rest. You do not want to work to get a better life but at the end realise that your health is at risk because you neglected it. There is a long line of people who were very good at their work. And were often praised because of how much they invested in their work. Eventually, one day their body gave in and immediately they are replaced. No matter how much a person thinks the world cannot do without them, life will go on when they finally pass.

Learn to take breaks especially when your brain is fatigued, when your body is too tired and you are almost falling into depression or born out.

This is in no way encouraging laziness and idleness, but rest should be deliberate. It should be a conscious effort you make to set aside time for this particular activity while laziness is something that happens without a thought out plan. Laziness suggests wasting away both time and resources, in this case a person’s mind and body.

Take that break, you need it. Kill the engine once in a while dear. The activity can be done later, the work can hold on, in fact the whole world can wait while you renew yourself before having a great come back. Nothing will stand still once the breath has left you.

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