Eddie Howe Will Take Charge Of His First Newcastle Game At Arsenal On Saturday After Testing Negative For Covid…

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After testing negative for Covid-19, Eddie Howe will take command of Newcastle for the first time at Arsenal on Saturday, though there is still misunderstanding over when his symptoms began and his 10-day isolation period passed.

After realising he had got the illness less than 24 hours before kick-off, the 43-year-old missed last Saturday’s 3-3 draw at home to Brentford.

Howe said at the time that he felt ‘fine’ before going into isolation in his hotel room, only to fall ill over the weekend. Earlier this week, he was confined to his bed for significant periods of time.

Howe, on the other hand, was startled when he tested positive last Friday because he had no symptoms, according to assistant Jason Tindall. If that’s the case, his isolation should have been extended until Monday.

After receiving a negative PCR test, the Premier League is pleased that the club followed the right procedures and is happy for Howe to take his seat in the bench at the Emirates Stadium.

The medical staff at the club is likewise sure that the manager is no longer contagious and poses no threat to his players, who have all tested negative this week.

Source: Daily Mail

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