There’s Need For English Football To Have Independent Authority To Avoid Crisis

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The head of a fan-led investigation into English football believes the sport needs an independent regulator to prevent it from “lurching from crisis to crisis.”

Tracey Crouch, a former sports minister, has called on the government to establish a new independent football regulator (IREF).

According to the report, this is important for the men’s professional game’s long-term financial stability.

“We’ve seen football lurching from crisis to crisis over the past decade and unfortunately we haven’t had the right levels of regulation in place to stop that from happening.”

Crouch told BBC sports editor Dan Roan that the recommendations included removing “vested interests” from football in order for it to “become sustainable for the long-term future.”

It proposes that teams form a’shadow board’ of fans to ensure that fans are adequately consulted on crucial issues, and that supporters be given a ‘golden share’ to maintain their clubs’ heritage and participation in competitions.

Source: BBC Sport

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