Sherrif Tiraspol Winger Adama Traore Becomes The Latest High-Profile Player To Collapse On The Pitch

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When winger Adama Traore went down clutching his chest in Wednesday night’s Champions League match against Real Madrid, Sherrif Tiraspol witnessed distressing scenes.

When the ball went out of play, the Mali forward engaged in a 50/50 challenge on the touchline with Real Madrid’s Nacho Fernandez, and Traore appeared to be under stress.

In the 77th minute, Traore, 26, turned to move away from the ball, which had gone out for a throw-in, when he became uneasy, clutching his chest before dropping to the ground.

He kept breathing throughout, but after a few seconds of lying on the ground in pain, Moldovan medics rushed over to assist him. Medics tried to awaken his senses with smelling salts right away, but he didn’t seem to like them.

He was observed shaking his head in response to the medics’ questioning and was finally carried off the field and back to the dressing room in a sitting position.

Traore was suffering from chest symptoms, but the Moldovan side has yet to explain why.

Source: BBC Sport

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