Shooting Your Shot: What’s The Worst That Can Happen “If I Talk To Her”?

In our society we have introverts and extroverts. And then we have those in between who are neither both. Their social life is solely dependent on the crowd they meet or your kind of person. But then, we have these special ones, who are very outgoing and courageous. In a crowd no one seems to be able to stand up to them.

However when it comes to relating with the opposite sex, they tend to recoil into their shell. They just do not know how to go about it especially if they are romantically attracted to that person. All goes well until their favourite person walks up to them to talk, then they just look on dumbstruck until the person goes away.

It happens to both genders in fact, but we are going to look at the male folks, when it comes to their relations with the opposite sex, the person whom they are attracted to. What is the worst that can happen? And how can they overcome this inhibition they have? But before that, what might be the reason they shy away from talking to the person they seem to like and flow well with others?

Here are few points that can surmise this;

1. Fear Of Rejection:
It’s a fact that there are people who cannot deal with rejection. They would rather not try a thing than engage in it and realise it did not go well. They bring the same mind-set into their relationships. Whether cordial or romantic. Such persons often end up with people who they don’t really like and end up with regrets. Get rid of that mind set. It is fear crippling you from starting anything. If you extend a hand of friendship and someone rejects that hand, there is always an opportunity to have someone else. Try it anyway, if it works, fine. If it does not you move on.

2. Inferiority Complex:
This happens when someone thinks that others are better than them, so he precludes himself from associating with them. You know that you would love to be friends with this lady, deep down you know but you look at yourself and feel that she is above you and you are beneath.

Often this happens if the lady comes from wealth and the guy in question is just struggling to keep up. But have such a man not already disqualified himself if you think you are not worth being friends with the opulent of the society?

Give it a try, you would be surprised that some do not really mind being friends with others. Because, wealth to the wise does not equal being pompous and segregating others.

After knowing this tiny bit of information, how best can you prepare yourself before you approach that lady?

1. Change Your Mindset:
Whether you agree with it or not, the fact stands that your thoughts affect your life. In fact how your life is, is a function of your thoughts. If you have negative mindset about the female gender, it is an indication that you will definitely not be able to associate well with them. So do something about your mindset.

2. Change Your Outlook Or Appearance:
Perhaps why you think you will be rejected is the way you look. If you are akwardly dressed, you will act awkwardly. If you look squalid and unkempt, no one will want to associate with you. And you most probably will assume that they think they are better off than you. Which is not the case. Change your outlook, and things will look better for you.

Now what is the worst that can happen if you walk up to that lady and say hello? Highest you would probably be ignored or snubbed. I can imagine going to talk to someone and the person will behave as if you do not exist in that space at that moment. It can be so embarrassing and you might even end up beating yourself up for even trying. However, you are not going to die, you will live, you will have experience and one day you will land your favourite person. So, let go of that fear and walk up to that lady today. I do not believe many of them walk about with guns my dear.

photo credit: InformationNg

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