What Can Actually Go Wrong When You Cease Communication With Your Lover?

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I think people need to know the meaning of a relationship especially a romantic one before venturing into it and then proceeding to call love a sham just because they did not do their homework well about the subject.

A relationship is an association with someone. It means being involved with someone you love and care about. Meaning that the person’s business is your business. You have left the lone ship darling, and you are in a world where there are two persons who cannot help it but be in each other’s face all the time.

Now, the key to a long lasting relationship is “communication”. Most young people often get it wrong most of the time. From the butterflies they feel, “so long as we love each other” that means everything is settled. Honey, that’s always not the case. Love is something to get you started, but there will come a point where your “honey” becomes very sour. This is where tolerance and understanding comes in, and it cannot happen without basic communication.

Some ladies assume that because their lover tells them “I love you” all the time it means he has the super-ability to know what they are going through. But the fact remains, people can only assume, but they cannot give accurate facts unless there is a flow of information.

It is therefore important to note that, communication is key to a long lasting relationship whether cordial or romantic. Now what happens when two people deeply in love want to cease communication for a while? Although sometimes, it is usually one partner that suggests it, and the other cannot help but agree. Whatever the case, can anything good actually come out of it?

Well, the real question should be, why do you want to cease communication?

  • Is it to work out your differences?
  • To better understand each other? Or
  • To see if you truly love each other.

Now you can add more reasons to the above stated, but the truth is, all of those can be sorted out with good communication.

Here are the reasons why ceasing communication is not such a fanciful idea;

1. Creates Doubts:
Oftentimes, the main reason people say they want to give each other space is a slight difference. But the thing is, issues cannot be resolved that way. If you are finding it hard to understand your partner’s actions or inactions, it is necessary to talk it out. Tell them you want to understand them, so that your relationship progresses.

During your period of silence, questions will pop up, especially on the ladies side, like “does he love me?”, a guy may also ask this question or “does she not trust me enough to have a conversation?”

You see, a hitch in communication especially a deliberate one brings a gap that often times cannot be bridged.

2. Unfaithfulness:
You should also know that in this our world, there are so many people that go around to talk to, While you stop communicating with your partner, remember they will not go to a monastery to meditate while waiting for you both to come back from your voluntary break.

They obviously have a life, and will go on with that life. That friend they did not give a thought about will suddenly become quite interesting to engage with. And as they constantly ask your lover how they are faring, this mere friend begins to fill in for you.

And when you finally get back to talking with each other, you realise you are no longer the same. Someone else has won your lover’s attention and heart. And even though there is no physical act to show they have actually cheated, the fact that someone else has gain their attention is a proof that you are getting unseated and in the long run, unfaithfulness may come in. This is what wilful break in communication can do.

If you want to have a long lasting relationship, let go of the ego and talk things out. No relationship is without issues. It is just that two people were willing to sit down and sort out their problems as adults. Communicate! It is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. You can never “over communicate”. Nothing bad can really happen by sustaining communication with your partner, but a whole lot can go wrong by blocking the communication channel.

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