Special Report: Naivety Over Cardiac Arrest Means Footballers Will Die: Clubs Ignore Doctors’ Advice

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Sergio Aguero has waited since he was 14 years old. ‘Barcelona will undoubtedly notice me one day,’ he would remark. The call came over two decades later, and Aguero made his Barcelona debut last month against Real Madrid in El Clasico.

It wasn’t intended to be the last time he took the stage. The striker, though, felt chest issues against Alaves six days later. At the age of 33, Aguero’s career appears to be ended after being diagnosed with an abnormal heartbeat.

It comes just three weeks after Christian Eriksen’s terrifying fall and five months after Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson underwent resuscitation. On the field, both of them had heart arrests.

Doctors had to shock his cardiac system back to normal since his heart was pounding at 250 beats per minute.

Others will never be given a second chance. Dylan Rich, 17, died in September after suffering a suspected heart arrest during an FA Youth Cup match in Nottinghamshire.

Source: BBC Sport

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