“C’Ronaldo Isn’t The Problem At ManU… They Just Need A Coach Of Greater Wit Than Solskjaer”, Martin Samuel

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This summer, Cristiano Ronaldo was on his way to Manchester City. So, what were Manchester United’s responsibilities?

Now that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign has ended in disaster, Ronaldo and the businessmen behind his move to Old Trafford are facing a barrage of criticism, but few have addressed the alternative. Ronaldo is a City player. Ronaldo, scoring goals for a team that is much more balanced.

United acted because the alternative was too dreadful to contemplate. What if he had been successful later on? Imagine the atmosphere around United then, if we think it’s been tumultuous recently.

Opponents in Europe clearly fear him. This would not be an issue if United had the same balance as City. It’s for this reason that the possibility of Ronaldo wearing blue generated such anxiety.

Sir Alex Ferguson and other old pals intervened, telling him there was only one English club he could join. There aren’t many concerns concerning the composition of the team. There aren’t many upset predictions. Ferguson’s reasoning was not irrational.

Source: Daily Mail

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