3 Reasons To Walk Away When Faced With The Choice Of Proving Your Fertility Before The Ring

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Let us take a look at what the two words mean. From the Oxford dictionary, Fertility is the ability to reproduce, to bring forth. While a Ring is a piece of precious metal worn around the finger. Now how are these two seemingly contrasting words related to each other?

Here’s the thing, apart from the fact that some persons wear it for aesthetic reasons, a ring often shows a promise, or commitment. That is why you can have friendship ring, marriage ring, and a ring depicting a brotherhood relationship.

Now, in marriage, people exchange a ring or even before two persons get married, there is a proposal and a ring is issued from the person who is proposing to another who he shares love with.

However, here is where Fertility comes in. Have you heard, especially in our society how some men refuse to get married to someone whom they profess to love unless the person conceives?

They say, proof you are fertile enough and then you get the ring. Sounds absurd right? Yes it is, as that means that being married only means reproducing. Then what happens when the reproduction is taken away? Does it mean there will be nothing more to offer? What then should a person do, if they are faced with a choice of choosing to get the ring through fertility or they would have nothing?

Well, it is saddening though, if you are asked to proof yourself in order to be considered worth choosing. If you are faced with the choice of having to proof your fertility before being offered a ring as a sign of commitment then you can choose to walk away. For these reasons;

1. The Person Obviously Doesn’t Love You Enough:
Love is not about what you can get from a person but what you can give. Love is choosing to love a person regardless of what they can or cannot do. So when a person chooses to love another, it means the person has decided to take a risk to commit to a person, and such a person is ready to face any uncertainties in the future. At the same time, accepting the flaws associated with human nature should also be factored in.

So if you have to proof something, then that’s a red flag that obviously the person is more concerned about what you can or cannot do, so the best is for you to walk away.

2. The What Next Question:
Let’s say you moved on and were able to proof your fertility, what happens next after you birth the first child and you are offered the ring and you cannot have anymore children. Don’t you think that if the man cannot have the number of kids he wants from you that he would move on to the next available lady to give him the children he wants.

No one has to be pressured into figuring out how to deal with the uncertainty of the future while being in the present. It is not a healthy way of living and can affect a person’s mental well-being.

3. Probability Of loosing The Ring After Proof Of Fertility:
Cases abound where as a way of keeping a man, ladies go about birthing kids without commitment, and after that the man announces he is no longer interested in them. And worse! He says he will take his kid(s) with no consideration of the lady.

It is a very terrible thing. No one should be forced into doing anything he or she does not want to do. It is selfish to guilt trip a person to do your own bidding to show they love you. It is not a good human living at all.

As a lady, if you do not want heartache or to become bitter; do not let a man rush you. Do not think that you would not have a chance at another person because you are getting older. Do not let the society, your age, peers or anyone pressure you into doing something that will lead to depression afterwards.

Often what prompts some ladies into subscribing to the idea of fertility before the ring is “desperation”. True love will come, do not hurry, wait and the right person will come without you having to proof any thing as a prerogative for commitment.

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