Tesla Drivers Left Stranded After Global App Malfunction

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Flipmemes gathered that thousands of tesla drivers earlier today disclosed that they were locked out of their cars after an outage struck the carmaker’s app.

A source in South Korea who Confirmed the incident to flipmemes stated that he saw an error message on the mobile app that was preventing them from connecting to their vehicles.

Menehile, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk personally responded to one complaint from a driver saying on Twitter: “Checking.”

Mr Musk later said the app was coming back online soon, but didn’t give any date yet.

The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock and start their cars.

Owners posted a multitude of complaints online about not being able to use their vehicles.

“I’m stuck an hour away from home because I normally use my phone to start [my] car,” one owner tweeted.

Elon Musk had offered his apologies for the down time and assured users that the company will take measures to ensure such an incident doesn’t happen again.

“There will be a secondary mechanism to get in or out of the car beyond the app, the difficulty will come for drivers if they are not carrying it,” Elon said.

“Technology makes things convenient, but relies on a server working 100% of the time. It’s the same as leaving the house without my credit cards, expecting to pay for things with my smartphone. If we are reliant on one mechanism all the time, we can be caught out.”

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