“Steven Gerrard Has Shown He Is Ready To Punch Upwards In A Star-Studded League”, Ian Ladyman

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Despite all of the hype surrounding Steven Gerrard and Liverpool at his Aston Villa press conference this week, it’s worth remembering that he was once brave enough to leave.

Gerrard originally suggested — absolutely out of the blue — that he might not sign a new deal at Anfield during an interview with this newspaper and the Daily Telegraph in 2014. It made his management team worried. It was even agreed that the statement would not be included in the headline by both titles.

But as he sat at a sports centre in Liverpool, ostensibly to promote a new shade of Lucozade, Gerrard understood exactly what he was doing and saying.

Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool expected the club captain to sign a new contract. He didn’t do it. When he moved to Los Angeles, he unexpectedly cut ties with his childhood club.

So Gerrard is aware of his own thoughts and has some harsh edges. As he sat at a press conference table at Villa Park on Thursday, they were periodically on display.

Source: Daily Mail

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