6 Reasons Why Having A High Body Count Is Bad Even For Men

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What do you think the answer should be? Some say it does not matter; afterall we are talking about men here. So does it mean that men can do anything and get away with it? Well, when it comes to a man’s sexual life, the African society does support the fact that a man can have as many women as he wants, he is a man anyways.

But let us try to get away from the “male and female factor”, let us look at ourselves as human beings, when we make choices or decide to do something, are we absolved of the consequences? Absolutely not.

As humans, adult in fact, we are to take responsibilities for our actions. So it is for how many body counts a man decides to have. Of itcourse no one is stopping him from adventures, but we all know how steep some mountains are when we decide to venture into them.

Here are a few things that comes with body counts as regarding men.

1. Infidelity:
Well, this is no news that if a man can change women as much as he changes wears then there is little assurance that he will get a grip on himself when he decides to settle. Because sex is like a drug, having tasted it once, you want more and more. Suffice it to say that it is an epic experience for some who have to do this with different partners- one hell of a ride indeed. Having to settle with one person for a thing like “forever” might seem boring! Worse, difficult. This is because the man has tasted freedom, that is, ability to move on if he is not satisfied with his current partner.

This can be termed a risk except the man decides on his own to have some discipline and maybe take extra steps to find a therapist to help him if he cannot deal with his immoral ways on his own if he really loves his current partner.

2. Risk Of Infections And Low Sperm Count:
Often when a man goes about philandering all he wants, he might end up having sperms that cannot fertilize a woman’s egg. Meaning, he loses his viability. Most often, when people term a woman “barren” as a result of not being able to conceive, the problem is often from the man. His sexual escapades comes hunting him in the future as infertility. Although low sperm count does not necessarily come from being involved with many women, but it is a medical condition that can be induced by infection.

3. Blackmail:
This is a common factor for both men and women. Some obsessed partners come back from the past to terrorize their exes. Men are not exempted from this. There are several cases where a man is blackmailed into doing something he does not really want to do especially if he is in a high position. His rivals, go all out to dig up his secrets and find incriminating evidence to topple him over. He becomes vulnerable when his past is filled with a long history of women, one out of many could become his downfall.

4. Trust:
No matter how well a woman loves a man, we would agree that sometimes she begins to wonder if of a truth her partner has changed his ways. In fact, if it is not her contemplating this, friends, family may drum it into her head. With the “are you sure” question. And see, it is not because she is insecure, but she constantly needs assurance.

This is why it is advised that, people become mature enough in all aspects before getting into a relationship. This is because you have to deal with the fact that this person has a past and that you have to trust that doesn’t define the person. Instead, you trust this present person you are seeing. Which sounds easy but not at all in reality.

5. Having Children With Different Mothers:
I think this should be the number one thing a man should consider. There are many times that “protection” fails to protect and babies are made during a man’s adventures. What if you have five children from different mothers, and you do not want to settle with any of the women? How then are you going to take care of the children? No child wants to grow up without a father, because the fathers have a great role to play when it comes to bringing up a child, and this is not just about money or financing but the whole well-being of a child.

6. Pilling Up Of Emotional And Psychological Baggage:
Many will claim that their sexual escapades gave no attachment and it simply and physical connection. The truth however remains that, once two people have gone down, there is very high possibility of there being strong emotional and psychological attachments. For a man who goes about testing several women, chances are that he will have a lot of these on him and most times these are usually negative and inspire negative emotions, state of mind and reactions which are not at all healthy.

Many times these children without an available father often end up as delinquents, or fight each other especially after their father dies and it comes to sharing of properties.

No one is telling anyone what to do with their lives, but having gone through this article, I am sure you will think twice before making any decision.

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