Novak Djokovic’s Ability To Change Keeps Him Ahead Of New Generation

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Novak Djokovic spoke honestly about the pressure that came with his grand slam try in New York, two months after almost missing the highest achievement in tennis. For weeks, he said, emotions had grown increasingly intense and difficult to bear, resting heavy on his shoulders despite the fact that he had already encountered and overcame the most of the challenges in the sport.

However, six weeks after winning the US Open, Djokovic proceeded to Paris and won his 37th Masters 1000 championship this month. It was astonishing in and of itself that he bounced back so fast, shaking off the rust through the rounds and remaining supremely determined at the end of yet another grueling season when he defeated Medvedev in the final. Even more remarkable was the nature of his win.

Last Friday, as Djokovic, Medvedev, and the rest of the top eight converged in Turin for the first ATP Finals, they took promotional images throughout the city. Djokovic stood out; not only did the 34-year-old appear old in a group where the next oldest player is 25, but the new generation’s height and athleticism is a defining trait. Djokovic, who stands at 6ft 2in, was dwarfed by the majority of them. Only one man, 6ft 4in Ivan Ljubicic, was taller than Djokovic when he initially broke into the top ten.

Performances like the Paris final demonstrate how Djokovic’s game has steadily grown and changed, particularly with his rising domination of his serve and his ever-present variety, allowing him to adjust and remain on top against significantly younger players even in his mid-30s.

source : guardian sport

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