‘I’m Here To Be Positive’ – Dani Alves Feelgood Factor Returns To Barcelona

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Dani Alves moved beyond a mat positioned at the edge of the Camp Nou pitch with Johan Cruyff’s most famous command printed on it and into the light at the end of the tunnel. “Go out there and enjoy it,” it said, as if Alves needed telling. Oh, he was going to have a great time with this. After all, that’s why he’d come back to Barcelona five years later, and they couldn’t have taken his smile away even if they tried.

Alves hesitated at the white line, slipping off his flip-flops – yep, flip-flops – and stepping onto the pitch barefoot. He stated that he wanted to feel the grass. 10,378 people roared in the stands above him, and he laughed a lot. He seized the microphone and cackled like Sid James while wearing a black polo neck, a black velvet jacket, and nothing on his feet. The Dani Alves act had returned to town, and the audience was enthralled. “Alves! Alves! Alves!” they chanted.

He walked back and forth, bowing and waving and pulling faces and cracking jokes, creating a festive mood around him. It was understandable to ask whether a 38-year-old free agent who hasn’t played in five months could truly save Barcelona, especially after the club’s chief executive, Mateu Alemany, revealed there was no money to sign anyone else, but perhaps they do.“In recent years they have loaded negative things on to their shoulders,” Alves said. “It’s time to change and you need to be positive. That’s my mission here.”

source : guardian sport

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