Apple Digital ID Scheme To Come With Huge Conditions And Costs

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Apple’s much promoted digital driver’s licence feature would come at a cost to its users, sources confirmed to flipmemes.

Announced in September, it will allow residents in eight US states to store state IDs and driver’s licences inside the Apple Wallet app on their iPhone.

Apple has “sole control” of several aspects of the rollout, but Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah “bear the burden of maintaining [the feature], at taxpayer expense”.

The agreements between some of those states and Apple are as follows;

– Apple retains control when the feature is launched and what devices are compatible – but state agencies are responsible for maintaining the relevant computer systems and legal compliance.

– State bodies must employ or allocate people and resources to support the project “on a timeline to be determined by Apple” and, if Apple requests, “designate” project managers to answer Apple’s questions.

The contract requires states to market the new feature – but Apple has review and approval power of those marketing materials.

The digital ID must be “proactively” offered to every new licence holder or renewal at no extra cost to the person applying.

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