Toto Wolff Angry Despite ‘Best Ever’ Lewis Hamilton Performance In Brazil

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Toto Wolff has described Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix as one of the world champion’s best performances. But the Mercedes team principal also hit out, expressing anger at how he believed his team were harshly treated by some “laughable” decisions at Interlagos and that the gloves were now off as the Formula One world championship entered its final three, decisive races.

Hamilton won from 10th on the grid in Brazil with a brilliant drive over the course of a weekend in which he was hit with two penalties and a race in which Mercedes thought the stewards had let him down by not punishing title challenger Max Verstappen. As the two drivers battled for the lead, the Dutchman looked to run him off the track. Despite this, Hamilton went on to win and cut his championship lead to 14 points over Verstappen.

The team principal, on the other hand, was critical of decisions made over the weekend that he considered were unduly prejudiced against Mercedes, particularly the penalty for the DRS infraction, which he believed was caused by damage that had not previously deserved a penalty.

“I think we’ve just had many, many punches in the face this weekend,” he said. “Decisions that could have swung either side against us or for us. It’s something that I’m just angry about and I will defend my team, my drivers to what comes. I’ve always been very diplomatic in how I discuss things, but diplomacy has ended today.”

source : guardian sport

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