Lewis Hamilton Produces Stunning Drive To Claim F1 Brazilian GP Victory

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Lewis Hamilton took arms against his sea of troubles with a spectacular win, defying the odds and defying the numbers, following a weekend of slings and arrows. In circumstances that would have left a weaker man bent, he supplied a champion’s drive.

Instead, Hamilton leaves Brazil with his head held high, having converted what should have been the weekend that ruined his championship aspirations into one that reignited them by coming from 10th to beat title rival Max Verstappen into second.

Hamilton was docked five positions for switching engines at the start of the weekend, and he had to start Saturday’s sprint qualifying from 20th and last when Mercedes was judged to have broken the rules with their DRS. At that moment, a win on Sunday might have been beyond his or his team’s wildest dreams.

Yet, in sprint qualifying, he carved through the field from 20th to fifth place with clinical, aggressive precision, completing 15 important overtaking manoeuvres in the process. It meant he had to start from the bottom in the main race and repeat the process when it mattered. It was a crucial outcome for him. Hamilton started the race 21 points behind Verstappen. With three races remaining and 78 points available, the Dutchman is only 14 points ahead of the rest of the field. Verstappen has the lead, but in a season that has ebbed and flowed with so much drama, a simple conclusion is far from certain, and Mercedes’ pace at Interlagos will make them believe it’s game on.

source : guardian sport

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