8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Charging Your Mobile Phone

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A lot of people charge their smartphones without following some basic instructions, thus making mistakes which could potentially damage the device.

Some might be risky to your health while others might shorten your phone battery life.

Here are eight mistakes you should stop doing when charging your mobile phone:

1. Don’t leave your phone connected to the charger overnight: Depending on the type of smartphone, Most chargers have built-in circuits which could help cut off the current when the battery is full.

2. Avoid using your phone while it’s charging:

Some people have the habit of playing games while their smartphone is getting charged, which is not a recommended behavior because heat is a battery’s biggest enemy.

Little tasks like using the camera, or using any other heavy apps causes the processor to generate a lot of heat.

3. Listening to music with an earphone when charging:

Listening to music while charging your smartphone could damage your brain due to the level of radiation accompanied with the device.

4. Avoid placing your phone under the pillow while charging:

Many people have a habit of keeping their phones under their pillow so that it is easier to reach. Sometimes, they leave it under the pillow even when the device is getting charged, which is extremely dangerous. The phone generates heat while getting charged, and that heat needs to be given out in order to avoid damage.

5. Avoid using third-party battery apps: Most of them affect battery life negatively as they constantly run in the background, aggressively shut down other apps; some take over the lock screen to load advertisements and even recommend apps that will further optimise your smartphone.

Also, do not fall for the browser ads that con you into installing an app because your phone is “apparently” low on memory.

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