Sir Alex Ferguson Named Only The Fourth Best Manager Of The Premier League Era By Neil Warnock

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Veteran manager Neil Warnock has called Sir Alex Ferguson the fourth finest Premier League manager ever.

Ferguson is the most decorated manager in Premier League history, having led Manchester United to a record 13 Premier League trophies during his astonishing 27-year reign at Old Trafford.

When asked to pick his top-five all-time Premier League managers, Warnock, 72, who has presided over a record 1,603 games in his 41-year career, stated that three other managers had brought more to the Premier League than Fergie.

‘Only because he changed the whole outlook on modern footballers. He brought so many things in that had never been thought of.

‘The nutritionist, the fitness guys, video, technology. He changed the whole course of it when he came into the Premier League.

Source: Daily Mail

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