Ramsdale’s Attention To Detail Has Helped Him Develop Into A ‘Monster’ Goalkeeper

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The skeptics should have paid attention to the Premier League’s most seasoned first-choice goalkeeper. Ben Foster presented an alternative viewpoint three weeks after Arsenal had signed Aaron Ramsdale for an original £24 million fee that, whatever hindsight may reveal, made many eyes swim. “The guy seriously impresses me every time he plays,” he said. “He’s got a little bit of that mentality where he doesn’t care. Nothing fazes him and nothing bothers him: he’s going to go on to be a serious monster in goal.”

When Foster’s Watford side visits the Emirates on Sunday, he’ll be hoping for an increasingly unusual off day from Ramsdale, but whoever comes out on top, the mutual respect will be genuine. Ramsdale is a West Brom supporter who saw Foster keep goal at the Hawthorns during his adolescence. When the pair faced one other two years ago during his time at Bournemouth, he talked reverently of the 38-year-old and deemed it a career milestone.

Ramsdale’s meticulous attention to detail is unsurprising. Since his arrival, Ramsdale’s absorption in the sport has delighted colleagues at Arsenal’s training ground: he is hyper-observant, watching games religiously and paying attention to minor details of a player’s routine, down to the off-field commitments expected on match day, where other professionals might not. It’s an attitude that he’s carried onto the play in seven league appearances: at 6ft 2in, he may not be tall enough to fill the goal, but his bright energy raises those around him and provides opponents with a new challenge

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