Fireworks On The Pitch…Literally! Games At Both Hashtag United And Waterford Are Marred On Bonfire Night

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On Friday evening, fireworks disrupted games all over the world, but none more so than Hashtag United and Waterford’s match.

Fans in Ireland have been caught on camera setting off fireworks and aiming them at the players on the field. As a result, the Waterford game was called off.

Meanwhile, Hashtag United’s game was called off after pyrotechnics from a nearby house struck one of their players on the field.

After fans in the away section ignited fireworks and tossed them down into the pitch, referee Rob Hennessy was forced to call a timeout.

During the match on Friday evening, players and sport personnel were spotted ducking for shelter to protect their heads.

Mad scenes in the League of Ireland tonight.

Source: Daily Mail

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