METAVERSE: Microsoft Releases 3D Avatar Feature

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Tech gaints, Microsoft has disclosed that it would unveil it’s 3D virtual avatars and environments to its Teams chat system, as part of its push towards the “metaverse”.

Microsoft Futher stated that its “Mesh” platform will let people meet in the virtual space, with or without a virtual reality headset.

Microsoft says the new features, which it is calling “immersive meetings” will be available in the first half of 2022.

It comes after Facebook showcased similar virtual chat rooms as part of its rebrand to name itself Meta.

Although, there hasn’t been no single strict definition of what a “metaverse” will be, most versions envision a future version of the internet with a diverse range of interconnected virtual worlds, covering everything from gaming to education.

Both Microsoft and Facebook, (Meta) are in talks to pitch 3D chat and collaboration, as a key part of their strategy.

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