Social Media Companies ‘Make Money From Hate’, Says Thierry Henry

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Thierry Henry has accused social media businesses of profiting from hatred and has stated that he has no plans to halt his boycott because platforms are “not really trying” to combat online abuse.

In March, the former Arsenal player and World Cup champion declared a social media boycott in protest of the platforms’ failure to combat racist abuse, sparking a wave of similar actions that ended in a weekend-long blackout by football and other sports in the United Kingdom on April 30.

Henry claimed the financial model of social media businesses was an impediment to action at the Web Summit in Lisbon. “When you find that they generate money through hate, it is very difficult when your medicine is your poison.” He added: “Being genuine and being nice doesn’t generate money.”

Henry claimed that social media firms had not done enough since he began his boycott, which he promised to cease until platforms began adequately addressing racism and abuse. Henry stated at a news conference following his Web Summit presentation that no action had been taken. “They are not really trying to change anything about it.”

Asked if he would return to social media, he said: “I am OK without it. I sleep well.”

Source : Guardian sport

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