In 2022, Formula One Will Host Six Sprint Races, But Pole Position Could Be Determined On Friday

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The sports director, Ross Brawn, has confirmed that Formula One will conduct six sprint race rounds next season. The concept is being tested this year with three sprint races, and while the format has been hailed as a success, Brawn believes that F1 will almost certainly return to awarding pole position for the grand prix based on qualifying times rather than the Saturday sprint race.

This season, F1 has conducted two sprint race weekends at Silverstone and Monza, with a third set to take place in Brazil in two weeks. The schedule includes qualifying for the sprint on a Friday, with the results determining the grid for the GP, with the top three drivers receiving three, two, and one drivers’ championship points, respectively.

While talks with the teams and the FIA continue, Brawn is optimistic that one of the greatest critiques of the format, that of the fastest lap in qualifying being rewarded with pole position, will be resolved.

“It’s been a consistent comment amongst fans and drivers that the person who does the fastest single lap with low fuel in qualifying is the pole position holder,” he said. “I guess we hadn’t really considered that when we set out this new format. I would like to see a reversion to that being pole position. There is broad opinion that Friday should be pole position for the sprint weekends, so I would hope we can get that through for next year. I am optimistic on that.”

source : Guardian sport

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