Abusive Relationship? Walk Away While You Still Can

Recently there has been an upsurge in divorce cases all around the world. Most shocking is the fact that our country is no exception. A cursory study into this phenomenon has shown that a high percentage of divorce has been due to physical abuse. Some persons barely make it out with their life.

Now let us talk about what relationship is, because we all know that abuse in a relationship is not just limited to marriage but even couples dating also go through this. Relationship especially one with romance is a connection between two individuals determined by love, trust and faithfulness.

You often find people who claim they love their partners constantly abuse them, they say it is a kind of love. Worse is when the people being abused say, it shows that their partner loves them. I have read about a case where a man had to come out to complain that his partner said he does not love her enough all because he never raised his hands on her.

No matter how much the man reassured his girlfriend, she did not believe him. It is shocking right? However it should not be, because these kind of people as you have seen above have obviously been abused since they were children. Their mindset has been altered to feel that abuse equals love. And those kind of persons need healing, they need to visit a therapist to reconstructure their mind.

Now there are two kinds of abuse;

1. Psychological abuse: this deals with the mind. In this case, the abuser does not need to use weapons or their fists to hit their victim but through words of mouth and denying certain necessities they subject their victim to constant abuse. It is noted that psychological abuse is the worse kind of abuse being that it can result to the victim loosing their mind. It can even lead them to commit suicide.

When one is verbally abused on a daily, pretty soon the person begins to believe what is said about themt. It alters their mind and their self esteem begins to go on a low. They loose their sense of self-worth. A scenario where they person is denied of life’s necessities can subject one to living like a slave. This affects an individual immensely as they seem to be at the mercy of their abuser. Often, the way of escape might mean death as their abuser has shown to them that they do not matter in this universe.

You will often find a mentally and psychologically abused person being afraid, self-conscious, defensive and angry.

2. Physical abuse: This is very common and seen in our society. You would find the result of this abuse as scars or wounds on the victim’s bodies. And one begins to wonder, “can a person say he loves another and abuses him/her”?. If you ask me, I will say absolutely not. The people who indulge in this often have an upbringing where they have watched one of their parents abuse the other. This sticks to the child while growing and tends repeat the same action on another human with whom they get involved with.

As we know, the word “love is the most abused word we have come across. People say they love each other but all they mean could be, they love controlling the person, love manipulating and using others. Love is patient and kind, love will not abuse or hurt others.

So, if you have grown up in an environment where abuse was the norm, and you believe that it is the way to go in a relationship, please dump such mindset. Anyone who loves you will not hurt you. If you are in an abusive relationship, whereby you are constantly beaten or frustrated by your partner please walk away while you still can. Obviously, the resultant effect of abuse can result to death of the victim or the abuser. Before an abusive relationship makes you a terrible individual or takes your life, help yourself and use the exit door. A relationship is not a do or die affair and in the end you only have one life.

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