5 Ways To Silence A Nagging Partner

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Hold on, I know that caption seems a little bit off and you are taken aback right now. No one is killing anyone, do not worry too much about that. What is actually referred to here is how you can make your partner talk less, or cease bothering you about a particular thing.

When it comes to nagging, some persons often view it as the fault of the nagging partner. But this article in a way will show you how to deal with the nagging problem in your relationship and will also reveal that no one loves to nag. That oftentimes the inactions or actions of a partner warrants this behaviour. Now, before dealing with how to silence a nagging partner, what exactly is nagging?

The Oxford dictionary defines it as “the act of continuously reminding or complaining to someone in an annoying way, often about insignificant or unnecessary matters”. This definition is quite specific and what we will find in this read will utterly blow our minds.

Now to the main point; here are a few ways to silence that nagging partner that wants to wear you out through much chatter;

1. Do What Is “necessary and expected” Of You:
observe those two important words highlighted. When you get into a relationship with a person, it is important you know and note that although you both share love you are two unique different beings. What you consider unimportant may actually be important to your partner. So in order to live in love and understanding, you do those things you do not see as important but are required of you by your partner.

A relationship blossoms when two people take into consideration the person whom they say they love and cease being selfish and start acting selfless. When you do what is required of you, no one would pester you.

2. Quit And Avoid being A Slave Driver:
Are you one who is fond of expecting so much from a person? Demanding that your partner does or gives you things you know personally you will not be able to do conveniently. When people begin to task each other in a relationship, the relationship becomes overbearing and people just resort to complaining than just talking it through. If you do not want your partner to talk ceaselessly, stop with the slave master mentality.

3. Learn To Overlook Matters:
Often when the nagging partner begins their act, the best response is silence and walking away. This without further ado will make the person think twice about their acts. Responding with the same amount of energy will only cause a strain in the relationship, and if you are looking to bring out the best in that individual and looking out for your relationship, you will refrain from the vocal war. Learn to overlook things, keep silence and walk away.

4. Seek To know The Reason Behind The Nagging:
No one loves to talk about the same thing over and over again, because talking also expends energy. So if one ceaselessly talks about something, it is imperative to find out the reason behind their actions. Except someone just loves trouble and does not like peace, then the person will find ways to disrupt it by talking. Anything besides this shows there is something backing their actions, it is your duty to find out what it is.

5. Last Not The Least Is Communication:
some ladies in a way talk when there is a lack of communication in the relationship. It causes strain, so they voice out. Create time for that flow of communication, it is the thing that cements a relationship.

If the above does not work, it is high time to take a walk into a therapist office to seek help. And if you love to nag or just talk and complain; then you really need to change, for yourself and for the person you love.

Now, I know you are at ease because no one is dying anytime soon, rather someone is becoming a better partner. The concluding part is; people can change, people will always change, if you have a partner like this, do not give up on them. Know that there is something you can do to help them, you can definitely silence a nagging partner by your right actions.

Cheers to a better relationship.

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