Arsenal Women’s Manager Eidevall Wants A Plan To End ‘Boring’ International Mismatches,

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Jonas Eidevall, the head coach of Arsenal Women, believes that international football needs to be shaken up in order to avoid massive margins of victory that may turn off the game’s growing audience.

On Tuesday night, England thrashed Latvia 10-0 in a World Cup qualifier, which is not surprising given that they beat Luxembourg by the same score in September, four days after thrashing North Macedonia 8-0. Eidevall has been watching this trend with interest and believes that, while he does not want to see emerging countries held back, a restructure is necessary to make games more relevant.

“Football is boring when the scoreline gets like that – I don’t think it’s entertaining to watch,” he said. “At the same time you understand the need to grow women’s football, that we need to have a lot of nations participating, but maybe you could do it in another format.

source : guardian sport

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