United States GP: Max Verstappen And Red Bull Discuss Late Lewis Hamilton’s Fears Following A ‘Aggressive’ Strategy

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Max Verstappen and Red Bull have revealed that they were worried about losing an important United States Grand Prix victory after their “aggressive” early strategy decision resulted in a late Lewis Hamilton push and a titanic head-to-head battle.

In Texas, Verstappen appeared to have a pace lead over Hamilton, but the championship contenders were battling until the last laps after going wheel-to-wheel at the start, with Red Bull’s early pit-stops presumably giving Mercedes a big tyre advantage in the dramatic final stages.

“It was tough – we were very aggressive,” Verstappen told Sky F1 after one of the drives of his career, staying composed and, crucially, fast under immense pressure, somehow keeping Hamilton out of DRS range.

“I of course knew how much Lewis was catching… but we managed to hang on.”

source : skysport

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