England Defeats Northern Ireland With A Swift Hat-trick By Beth Mead

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The post-match lap of honor was long and full of smiles. England’s flawless qualification record for the 2023 World Cup will be preserved thanks to Beth Mead, the second-half super sub. Northern Ireland, whose goalkeeper Jackie Burns had been brilliant, seemed like depriving England on a historic day for the women’s national team until Mead arrived and scored the first goal of her hat-trick in a matter of seconds.

The first competitive women’s international in Wembley’s 98-year tenure as the national stadium may have felt a little anticlimactic with England hitting blanks against lesser opponents. A combination of the ongoing pandemic, ticket fees, and a packed schedule of Premier League and Football League play resulted in a crowd of 23,225, far less than the 77,768 who attended the November 2019 friendly against Germany.

Despite the low turnout, there was a strong feeling of occasion, which was heightened by Northern Irish fans yelling in their own little section of the stadium. Regrettably, the England band was also allowed in to atonally plough through songs like Sweet Caroline, though they did assist keep Wembley from sounding like an empty bowl. The visitors’ efforts to keep England out until the 64th minute brought dramatic intensity to the game, keeping the spectators focused on the play.

source : guardian sport

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