Apple Poised To Be The Last Us Tech Giant Left In China As Microsoft, Several Others Back Down

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Following series of non- Favourable unending policies from the Chinese government coupled with several other factors, a handful of tech companies have announced their exit from the country.

Last week flipmemes reported that Microsoft, which still operates in China, announced it was to shut down its social network, LinkedIn, there.

The company said having to comply with the Chinese state had become increasingly challenging – so it had to leave

Apple also has its own censorship problems in the country.

last week that two popular religious apps had been removed from Apple’s App Store.

Sources later confirmed that Amazon-owned Audible and the Yahoo Finance app had also been taken down.

Tons of apps on the App Store, have been removed in just one month.

what is becoming increasingly clear is that Apple and Microsoft are embroiled in a domestic battle between the authorities and the Chinese tech industry.

China on its own, has some big tech gaints – Tencent, Alibaba and Huawei – that are enormous global companies.

But the Chinese government has grown worried about the power they wield.In April, Alibaba accepted a record $2.8bn (£2bn) fine after an investigation found that it had abused its dominant market positionIn August, the Chinese government unveiled a five-year plan outlining tighter regulation of the tech economyIt’s also been cracking down on Bitcoin.

American companies also, haven’t been spared from the “great tech crackdown.

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